Practical information

Guidelines for speakers

Speakers can find the location of their session via the mobile app and in the complete official programme, available on the website in PDF format. Sessions normally last for 90 minutes and include 4 talks. Therefore, in order to allow time for questions, all speakers are kindly requested to prepare their presentations to last 20 minutes, even if their session includes less than 4 speakers. As a speaker, you should arrive at the room where your session is to take place at least 10 minutes before it is scheduled. Once there, contact the chair so you have time to set up your presentation on the room-computer, to which presentations should be copied from your own USB stick.

Guidelines for session chairs

Session chairs must ensure that their sessions start and end on time and that presentations are made in the order shown in the official programme. If a speaker
does not show up, please keep to the original schedule, in order to facilitate session jumping. If the session chair is absent, the first speaker in the session will replace him/her. Check that all presentations are correctly set up on the computer before the beginning of the session. Let speakers know when they are nearing the end of their presentation time (5 minutes and 1 minute).

Equipment at presentation rooms

Equipment in all session rooms at EURO 2018 includes a PC and a beamer. There is no need for speakers to bring their laptops to the rooms. We even have spare laptops in case there is a problem with the PC in the room. A session will already be open on the PC in each room. Alternatively, speakers will be able to log in on the UPV premises with their EDUROAM username and password. Please note that we do not provide electric adapters or VGA/HDMI adapters for connecting speakers’ laptops. Depending on the room, connecting a laptop might not be easy or even feasible, so we strongly recommend that speakers bring their presentations on a USB drive and use the PC available in each room. The laptops have the Windows 10 and Windows 7 operating system, Powerpoint 2016 and the latest version of Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

Conference App

EURO 2018 Valencia smartphone app provides you with the most comfortable tool for planning your participation in the 29th European Conference On Operational Research. Browse the complete programme directly from your phone or tablet and create your very own agenda on the fly. The app is available for Android, iOS and
Windows Phone devices.
To download mobile app, please visit or scan the following QR code or type ‘euro valencia’ in Google Play, iTunes App Store or Windows Phone Store.

WIFI access

WIFI access is available on both the UV and the UPV campuses via the eduroam network (your device may need to be configured at your host institution). You will find details of your username and password for eduroam, which are unique to each participant, in your bag.

Emergency phone numbers

EURO 2018 Ambulance: +34 672 325 666
Security UPV: +34 963879999, +34 963877703
Security UV: +34 669883166, +34 669883177, +34 669883190
General Emergencies: 112


Lunchtime will be a social event for EURO2018 attendees. Lunch will be available in the Sports Pavilion of the Universitat Politècnica de València from 12:00 until 14:30 (2.30 pm) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (See the areas depicted as “INDOOR / OUTDOOR PICNIC AREA” at the main venue maps in Section 6). Lunches will be served in picnic baskets (food, drinks, plates & napkins). There will be indoor and outdoor areas at the conference venue where attendees can take this type of lunch, encouraging them to meet—and talk to—new people.

For organizational purposes we need to kindly remind you of the following points:
1) Lunches must be eaten within the designated areas.
2) Food and drinks are not permitted in the classrooms.
3) Picnics are to be eaten as soon as they are served.

We remind you that special menus are available for all meals, coffee breaks and cocktail receptions offered at the conference. In particular, menus are provided for vegans and for people with coeliac disease, lactose intolerance or cultural constraints.

Coffee breaks

Coffee breaks will be served near of the sessions rooms. Please follow the signs.

Closing session. Free shuttle bus service

On Wednesday afternoon, a free shuttle bus service will be provided by the organization, connecting the conference venue (Meeting point: See bus sign in front
of the SPORTS PAVILION at the main venue maps in Section 6) with the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, where the last plenary talk and the closing session and closing party will take place.

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