Welcome Party

Welcome Party at the Universitat Politècnica de València

We have a magnificent campus in the city of València. The Vera campus expands over 700,000 m2 of land (around 70 football fields) and is almost 2 km in length from one point to another. It is fully walkable and has more than 106,000 m2 of green areas. You will find cafes and terraces, kiosks, bank services and some shops that make university life much more comfortable

On this venue, we will host the welcome party after the opening session (July 8, 2018, 17:30-19:00).

At 19:00 the Welcome party starts.

Firing of a ``Mascletà``

Around 19:00 we will fire a “mascletà”.

mascletà is a pyrotechnic event characterized by the achievement of a noisy and rhythmic composition that features, particularly during daytime, in street festivities. It is typical of the Valencian Community (Spain). It gets its name from the masclets (very loud firecrackers) that are tied by a wick to form a line or firework display. These are usually fastened at a medium height with ropes or raised by cannons.

Unlike the fireworks that seek visual stimulation, the mascletà  aims to stimulate the body through strong rhythmic sounds of masclets. Some people consider these sounds as “musical” sounds, while not neglecting the importance of the visual aspect. What distinguishes a mascletà from a succession of explosions is the rhythm that masclets must create to explode. It is essential that the force of the explosions must gradually rise, before coming to a dramatic conclusion, because without that, a mascletà cannot be considered as such.

Valencia has a very close relationship with mascletà, there are no festivals without noise and for this reason, during the welcome party, you will have the opportunity to feel the sounds of masclets with the pyrotechnic company Fx Caballer.

Here you have some videos where you can see a mascletà, but nothing to do with the fact of feeling a real one, in live, do not miss the mascletà on Sunday the 8th of July!!!

Live music and cocktail

If you survive the Mascletà stay with us to enjoy a nice cocktail with live music.

We will be delighted by Sedajazz, with more than 25 years of successful experience. Nowadays it has become the main meeting point for jazz in Valencia and is one of the most important jazz organizations in Spain.

Sedajazz is a musical management company where more than one hundred professional musicians work, some of them with an international background like Perico Sambeat, Jesús Santandreu and Francisco Ángel Blanco “Latino”, who is the musical director of all the different projects.

Sedajazz offers a wide sounds possibilities and diverse shows with different formations, which makes it one of the best and most complete European jazz music association. This jazz management company is always reinventing itself with new projects and alternative ideas that give jazz different satisfactory opportunities that are being shown to the public.

If you want to feel in live the Big Band of SedaJazz, do not miss the live show on Sunday the 8th of July!!!

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