Casual Closing Party

Closing party at the Hemisfèric

On July 11, 2018 we visit again the magnificent Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía. After Gerhard Woeginger’s plenary and closing session we start the closing party.

The closing party starts at 20:00 at the Hemisfèric. It is an IMAX Cinema, planetarium and laserium. The building is meant to resemble a giant eye, and has an approximate surface of 13,000 m². The name in English is Hemesferic and is also known as the planetarium or the “eye of knowledge,” is the centerpiece of the City of Arts and Sciences. It was the first building completed in 1998. Its design resembles an eyelid that opens to access the surrounding water pool. The bottom of the pool is glass, creating the illusion of the eye as a whole. This planetarium is a half-sphere composed of concrete 110 meters long and 55.5 meters wide. The shutter is built of elongated aluminum awnings that fold upward collectively to form a brise soleil roof that opens along the curved axis of the eye. It opens to reveal the dome, the “iris” of the eye, which is the Ominax theater. The City of Arts and Sciences is divided in half by a set of stairs that descend into the vaulted concrete lobby. The underground spaces are illuminated with the use of translucent glass panels within the walking path. The transparent roof is supported by concrete arches that connect to the sunken gallery. There is a miraculous echo inside of the building and if two people stay on the two opposite pillars inside of the eye they can seamlessly speak with each other.

Live music and cocktail

Xaranga in Valencian language and Charanga in Spanish is, in several areas of Spain a name given to represent a musical band, with wind and percussion instruments, which typically plays during popular festivals (mostly in northern Spain and in the Valencian Community).

One of the main characteristics of the Xaranga is that they play while they are moving along the streets and they are interacting with the public.

Xaranga La Figarmònica is a group of 15 young musicians, all of them with medium/superior studies related to music. They have several years of successful experience playing in festivals along the Valencia region. If you want to dance, sing and enjoy their music, do not miss the Xaranga La Figarmònica show on Wednesday the 11th of July!!!

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